Saturday, July 31, 2010

Be a better person...if not for yourself, then for Him

Well, beauty school is just rolling along. I've got 5 months left. Yes, 5 months. I've been there for almost 10, crazy to think, right?  Meh. It's crazy what you do in beauty school to bide the time. Oh like, make up rap songs you'll never utter other than under your breath. Hearing crazy drama, seeing it... aka fights, people coming to school high or drunk or both. Oh, seeing a police car chase a fugitive down the street right in front of the school(classic). Yep, it's been a beautiful 10 months, it'll be even prettier when my last day comes. I may cry with joy!

School has also opened my eyes to people. All kinds of people. Rich, poor, druggies, goody two-shoes (apparently that's katelyn, karleigh and I), the lost and the lonely. God has brought me there for a reason. Sometimes I lay in bed at night and just think about why I'm there. The place drives me crazy. Something new and sometimes insane is always bound to happen. 

For so long I lived in the bible belt world. Where everything I heard was from the bible, going to church, going to a Christian college (which I love all of this by the way, no offense to anyone). I lived among mostly Christians. Those that weren't Christians, I didn't know how to socialize with them. They didn't believe what I believed. How do you converse with someone that's not like you? Well, just go to beauty school...or work at Starbucks. These two things have been the hardest but also the best things that have happened to me. I went from church to the opposite realm. People coming in talking in harsh language, negative energy in the air. It was like scratching your fingernails across the chalkboard. Until you get to know those people. Of course there will be those 1 or 2 thorns in your toe, but then there are those people that you have to take a better look at. God helped me to see them through His eyes. He's opened my eyes to the need these people have, this God-shaped hole in their lives. I hurt for them and pray for them because they don't really know what they need.

I could go on all night about all these people, but I'm tired after a busy day. My point is, take a closer look at the people around you. Jesus loves them, so ask Him to help you love them.

Blessings from a slightly exhausted beauty school student. 

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